MSC Projects in Micro Biology

List of  MSC projects in micro biology:

In this category you can download MSC projects related to micro biology project abstract and project documentation and ppt’s. We provide latest projects list of micro biology and enquire information of different institutions which will provide microbiology projects.

Here are list of few MSC projects in micro biology:

  • Micro biology project on Isolation and Identification of Fungal Pathogens of plant origin MSC project.
  • Micro biology project on Isolation, Identification and Phylogenetic analysis of Food / Water / Air for MSC students.
  • Micro biology project on Evaluation of biological activity of Plant Extracts for MSC students.
  • Micro biology project on Insilico and Invitro Bioavailability Prediction of Antibacterial and Antifungal Herbal preparations of Allium Spp for MSC students.
  • Micro biology project on Bacteriostasis / Fungistasis analysis of drugs of plant origin.
  • Micro biology on Invitro Endotoxin Testing.

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  1. I am first year msc biochemistry student and i am suppose to start my final year project i need help i am unable to find a proper project on which i can work an complete in 6 months time please suggest a topic which can be done in the college and should be cost effective

  2. Sir can plzz give me any idea about medical microbiology project ….I m a 2 year Msc ( microbiology ) student

    1. Isolation and identification of streptomycin in soil
      how to isolate
      How to Storage
      What is the antimicrobial activity
      How many bacteria and fungal against for streptomycin
      Pigment extraction

  3. I am Msc Applied microbiology student. To help with the project in fund project topic in the current field. any idea send to the mail Id

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