Moodle Project Management

Moodle course home pages are in default arranged in a three-column format. The two outside columns are called Moodle calls blocks which are made up of small boxes. These boxes provide the information for the student to know wherever they are in their course. The information displayed contains of navigation menus, calendar information, latest news, which else is online and so on. The availability of types of blocks in Moodle is large and can be moved and arranged to our flexibility.

The main course content and activities are arranged in the middle column. The middle column is in turn divided into a number of topics. This helps us to organize the content into sections depending on the topic containing a related group of resources and activities such as web pages, quizzes, files and links. A unnumbered Summary topic is fixed at the top of the home page in the Moodle system. The course title and introductory course-level information is placed in this top part and is also referred to as the course ‘header’. All topics are displayed on the home page as a column by default.

It may be difficult to navigate in a large course so the topics can be hidden by clicking the square in the top right of the topic area. This hides the other topics and provides a Jump to drop down box to access them. A click on the double-box icon in the top right restores the original layout. Clicking on the menu items and links will help you move around Moodle.

A Navigation bar just below the Moodle banner shows you where you are and helps you to get back to the home page, as it is quiet easy to get lost in a large course. Breadcrumb trails of hyperlinks back to previous screens are displayed in the Navigation bar. A click on the second link from the left returns us to the course home page.

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