Knowledge Based Community Sharing System


Knowledge based community sharing system is a project which is developed for students and faculty in a university. This application provides an environment to share information and for maintaining the discussions between users and experts.


Knowledge based community sharing system is an online application which provides a platform for communication. The basic idea of KBCSS is to provide an environment for the students and faculty of a university  and to enhance their technical skills.

This application is to share the knowledge with their fellow students or faculty/researchers/industrial experts. This application also provide mutual cooperation between different kinds of users, learning by mining. By using this KBCSS application students can be able to discussion previous source which is studied.

New concepts are introduced in this system which are helpful for students and faculty where they can get information from experts. This system also provides an environment for  students /faculty / researcher  / industry experts who will drive us to make up an online knowledge centre for education and research


The main objective of this Knowledge Based Community Sharing System Java application is developing a online portal which aims to provide a platform for mutual cooperation between different kinds of users, learning by mining. To replace the e-learning systems of many universities and colleges which are unidirectional by a bidirectional way i.e., also from student to faculty through online.



All the required details are provided by administrator only. He can give permission like allow/block/ update to the all kind of users. He can produce the reports.

Industry experts/HR managers:

In this module a statistical report is generated for individual assessment of a user (student/researcher/faculty) and also for colleges to propose ratings.  Expert division based on branches and interests.


In this faculty module a secured mechanism is developed for accessing information based on a group.

Students/research scholars:

Some limitation are provided to the students module. Only few functionalities will be enabled in this module.


Reports are available on performance of students, college wise and percentage used.  Reports for maximum time taken for a discussion is also taken into account for future analysis.

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