Mechanical Seminar Report on Wind Operated Mobile Charger

Introduction to  Wind Operated Mobile Charger Seminar Topic:


This project explains the design and working of wind operated mobile charger. Here the rotational movement caused by wind is converted into electrical energy which gets stored in the battery.  This is a renewable source of energy and a cost effective system. The rectifiers present in the circuit provide the required voltage levels for the mobile. By developing the equipment we can generate higher  voltages required  for high power consuming devices.

Principle of operation:

Here fan blades are designed by using plastic fiber and they are fixed to a rotating wheel. The wheel is connected to an induction motor. The induction motor generates electricity by converting mechanical energy to electrical energy. The rotational motion required for the induction motor is generated by the wheel which moves due to wind. The induction motor can adjust the turbine motion depending on direction of the wind motion. The generated energy is stored in the battery. The battery provides the required constant voltage for the mobile phone. This wind model can generate a voltage of 12v which is suitable for charging of low power consumption devices. By using the battery the device gets completely charge by 1-2 hours.

Advantages and Applications:

This is a renewable source of energy and this does not have any effect on the environment. This model is portable device and it can be carried easily. The efficiency of wind mills in generating electricity is more when compared to that of solar units. By installing huge blades and higher voltage induction generators we can generate higher voltages. The cost of power gets cheap when generated through wind mills. Thus we can conclude that wind mills are optional for meeting the power demands.

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