MBA Finance Seminar Topic on Evaluation of Lending Practices among Indian Banks

Introduction to Evaluation of Lending Practices among Indian Banks MBA Finance Seminar Topic:

In India, the financial sector has been developed quickly on certain aspects such as decrease in reverse requirements, prudential norms, interest rate deregulation, risk-based supervision and barriers to entry. However, the development on the aspects of structural-institution is the most significant reason for this apprehension and has been defined as much time-consuming one. Even though liberalizing the game’s operational rules, the weak institution’s protection is making the operational change’s implementation as ineffective and complex. The changes that are needed to deal with the issue of NPA must have to extent the complete range of bureaucracy, judiciary and polity to be efficient accurately.           

This research will analyze the entire aspects related to the lending practices and the financial institutions.

This application tackles other Asian country’s experiences in managing the NPAs. Additionally, it observes the reforms effect on NPA’s level and proposes methods that are required to hold the issues by drawing on other country’s experiences.  


 The main aim of this study and compare the value of Non-performing assets in India with respective to Global finance market. 

 Research Objectives

Following are the research objectives of this study

  • To know the role of Indian finance marketing condition in producing these non performing assets
  • To analyze the information regarding the entire loan process in the banks and financial institutions along with the recovery process
  • To evaluate the role of lending practices within the banking and financial sector
  • To analyze the comparison factors based on the non performing assets across the global market
  • To propose the remedial measures to recover the non performing assets

 Significance of the Study

The main significance of this study is to analyze the Non-performing assets in Indian bank and to know the current financial status of the Indian banks .

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