Banking System Project Report

This application provides a powerful tool for bank, operations such as holding up of accounting information’s in database and also able to keep daily banking transactions. This application also helps in adding details of new customers such as account no; it has also a features to deletion, modification of the existing customers, and also provides fast searching of data and calculating of data with less time. This software helps in reducing the clerical work of the staffs since almost all of the work can be done by the software.

Separate security level are been provided by the software for the staffs and the administrator. This software hold a well-defined RDBMS data base for storing data in the bank, which is capable of handling large amount of data and frequent use of it. The system is able to connect with the printers, scanners which help the user to get full advantage of the software such as giving up of annual report or other report in a printable format.

This system provides fast, efficient,reliable and User friendly interfaces in banking and has no chance of losing data while processing of user data i.e. customer account transactions. This software provides a good user interface such that a user of basic computer knowledge can operate the application. It also reduces effort done by the accountant and also reduces the load of real time computation. This software enables faster transaction like new account creation, withdrawal of cash from the account, deposit of cash to the account, checking account balance of the account holder even if there are large amount of data in the system database.

This software also has the feature to connect different systems in to a network such that all system use a single database, which helps in reducing data replication. All transition record can also be generated in form of report by the administrator.

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