Audit Report System Java Project


Audit report system is a java web based UI manager along with audit report tool. This audit report system tool is to display a calendar. The audit calendar displays the details of the current month and the preceding month details to the executives. This audit report system project makes the work of  executives easy by viewing the details of scheduled dates.


Audit report system is a java based web application project developed to manage and display the coming up appointments in detail to the employees in an organization. This application allows the executives to select a date  from the displayed calendar to schedule and view ones appointments.

This audit report system maintains the relevant details of an organization. This application  straightly maintains the  task of scheduling and fixing the appointments. This application manages  all the  other activities including  official or personal.

This audit system makes the process of scheduling much easier and computerized. In this system the manager or top level designated employee can fix the schedule of the executive working under him and can check whether the executive is free at the particular time or in other times. By this application the  management can easily fix the process of scheduling, and even can change the appointment which is reflected immediately to the related employee.


The main objective of this audit report system is to maintain the necessary data and view the details of scheduled dates easily. To reduce the paper work, time  and provide support the organization by making use of simple interface .


Administrator Module:

Administrator controls the entire application. Administrator can add, delete, edit and view all employee details. Administrator also manages the data related to organizations and businesses. Administrator generates reports based on various criteria.

Employee Module:

Employees must have a valid login information to access the application. Each employee can view the details of companies, events, schedules and appointments.

Report module:

This module allows administrator to generate various types of reports such as event reports, meeting reports, contract reports, feedback reports and attendance reports.

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