Location Management in Mobile Computing Systems

Controlling place data of mobile nodes is the essential problem under cell operating forms. There is the trade-off among place update attempt and node searching attempt. This Location Management in Mobile Computing Systems project portrays the vital situation organization procedure which has following characters. The location servers do not sustain place data of each mobile place and coterie based concept which is accepted for place update and search.

Place updates are accomplished at the location servers and subset of location servers are asked on placing the mobile node, location servers, corresponding to mobile node, location update and operations is important, the vital character assists to remove conditions of burden on servers. Hence, location organization is accomplished presently and responsibility is distributed between location servers.

The movement of nodes under the network increases the problems under the organization of location nodes data. The location directory should dynamically update the account for the movement of the MHs. The model of a location directory increases essential problems.

Considering the cellular telecommunication system which classifies the geographical area assisted through smaller areas known as cells. Each cell includes the base station and it is derived from mobile service station (MSS).

The mobile service stations are linked to on another over the rigid wire network. The mobile service place is present under wireless communication including mobile hosts. The mobile host modifies with time which shifts from current cell to neighboring cell.


It is concluded that the capability of mobile hosts (MHs) shifts from one place of the network to other place under cell computing world and makes it different from static networks. Not like static management, the topology and network configuration modify under cell computing methods.

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