Oscilloscope Design Using Graphical LCD Abstract

The main concept of OSCILLOSCOPE  DESIGN USING GRAPHICAL LCD project is to interface the Graphical LCD with Atmega-16 to display in different graphical formats like sine wave, square wave with different frequencies; as an oscilloscope.

Here the purpose of using Microcontroller Atmega-16 is to clear the display, move the cursor, colleting the data, converting to digital form and  give the data to be displayed, controlling the Graphic LCD operations. It can display different type of formats like image text drawing Advantage  of graphical LCD is we can create graphical images which is not possible by LCD. In normal LCD screen it can display only text or symbol but in graphical LCD we can create pixels . Applications are cell phones, video games, tight fitting applications, etc.

In future we can increase the capabilities of the oscilloscope by increasing the frequency of operation controlling the voltage levels and calculating the phase angles by giving the two probe inputs.

download Oscilloscope Design Using Graphical LCD Abstract 

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