Job Portal PHP Project

Project Requirements:

Introduction: The main goal of this Job Portal project is to create a virtual platform for both students and companies to get their desired jobs.

Motivations: After completing their respective level of higher education, students are not sure of how to apply for different kinds of companies and what are their requirements. They have to manually apply for each company and wait for some interview call which is a time consuming process.

Instead just by sitting in front of their laptop or desktop and uploading their profiles and resumes will help them in getting a desired job or the job for which they are good to do, is interesting.

The main moto of this Job Portal idea is to make more transparency and quick processing by just uploading some profile pdf’s in their streams and getting a job as soon as possible.

Related Work: This Job Portal project is similar to certain organization like ‘,, However, these are used for all the people but in our project we are targeting for

only students.

Proposed Approach: The basic approach goes as follows, when a student commences his schooling, every student is given a unique student account (example: SIS Account of Umass Lowell).

This account also includes a new feature called placement automation, where student has to update their annual performance every semester (this information may include things like his internships, researches, interests, dream companies he wants to work, and any other extra information which he likes to expose to make himself unique to get a better option.)

A. Different companies who want to hire students will also have privilege to view student’s profiles and filter them according to their requirements and filter accordingly depending on their recruiting measures (which is helpful even for companies to get good enough number of students and select best among them easily.).

B. The technologies we are trying to use mostly includes popular web technologies like PHP, HTML5, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, little amount of XML, BOOTSTRAP for front-end and MYSQL, and required languages to connect the front end with back-end.

Evaluation: evaluation of our project mainly depends on privileges given to different types of account i.e. a student account has privileges of uploading and updating their profiles, a student can see only his profile where as a company recruiter has a privilege of visiting all the resumes and profiles but he can’t update the information or alter the information provided by the students.

A. Other evaluation also includes connectivity with database and able to store the kinds of data provided by students.

B. At a minimum, our evaluation of the project is:

  • reliable, accurate
  • easy to understand,
  • relevant,
  • not too critical, and above all else
  • useful.

Timeline: Our Job Portal project needs approximately two months to implement it so we will complete it by the end of the 1st week of December. The rough schedule of our project will be done as follows:

In the First week we will be discussing about the project and the implementation procedure.

In the next three weeks we will be planning to do the front end of the web application using PHP, HTML5, CSS, JSP, BOOTSTRAP etc.

In the second month we are planning to work on JDBC and DYNAMIC web page linking and connecting to the Database using the cloud server.

In the first week of December we will be working on evaluating the Job Portal project, testing the project and submitting it by deadline.

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