Jewellery Management System Project in Asp.Net

Jewellery Management System Project in Asp.Net is developed for jewelry shop for managing products, update products to different category, check orders from customers, check customers details and view reports. 

Existing System:

          At present all the activities in transaction are handled manually. Manual data processing system, whole providing economy, flexibility and adaptability at low data volumes become more complex when the volume of data becomes large. As an organization expands in size and function, a stage is reached when manual procedures become inadequate and inefficient. No matter how many clerks are employed a stage is reached then it becomes impossible to systemize such a large amount of information. What is required then is an upgrading in the class of information processing technology.

         The present system is not sufficient to hold all the information that is necessary for the processing. So the library is in need of new computerized system, which is very flexible, user-friendly and capable of holding the system in a robust manner.

Proposed Jewellery Management System Project:

          The system study phase studies the problem, identifies alternate solution, evaluates these solutions and finally recommends best solution. The system gives the structure and function of the system. A detailed system study is essential for developing an efficient system. The proposed system provides a better user interface. The system is a menu driven program.

Advantages of Proposed System:

 Computerization will avoids human errors due to inexperience in data entry, manipulation etc.

The paper work occurred in the manual system can be completely avoided. 

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