School Administration System Project in Asp.Net

The scope School Administration System Project in Asp.Net is to describe whole education system online to get better interaction between students and their faculties.

School Administration System Project Conclusion:

School Administration System Project provide online Examination, Time tables, Exam syllabus, exam Dates to students. I schooling system also provide Faculties time table management, students’ time table management. It also provides students to interact with faculties though E-mail facility. Here important feature is that parent can also interact with faculties though E-mail facility. So parents could monitor how yours child’s Study gone? Students can download studies material. Faculty clarifies doubts of students online. Faculty access library & students account. It has been provided alerts facilities of new alert & also provide upload, checking recodes facilities.  


This system is suppose to used for only one school, but we can make this system for many school or for India level.

We can add new module like most recently asked questions for doubt clarification and solutions for those questions, this will increase the speed.

 We can add a new module of web cam, so student can solve their problems webcam to webcam.

We can add a new module of solving problems with 2 or more students, so this will not require the help of experts always. So some of time will be saved of the experts.

Forms Overview:

Admin Take Faculty’s Attendance:

This page allow the admin to take faculty attendance, single faculty or many faculty together on particular day.

Admin Student Attendance:

In this page admin can check student attendance of particular class and he can also make the attendance sheet of particular month.

Admin Library Books :

This page will show the library of the system from this page admin can download book uploaded by other faculty or he can check library.

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