E-Approval System Java Project

What is an E-Approval System (EAS)?

The E-Approval System provides an internet platform for sharing electronic documents, submitting files, completing tasks and tracking approval process. It was developed due to the global nature of many organizations which involve key persons often based in different parts of the world.

The approval process must flow seamlessly to ensure decisions are made efficiently and work is approved in a timely manner. Automating an organization’s approval processes can save time and money while reducing chances of human error.

Key benefits and features

Using a proper source and a tool for an organization is key to operate efficiently, yet many organizations still manage their approval process through email and spreadsheets. As the workload and transaction volume increase and turnaround times decrease , the inadequacy of these sources are obvious.

  • Easier system administration for multiple documents with transactional approval process.
  • Maintain complete track of the approval process.
  • Allow users to see where the document is in its approval process.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity with reduced manual labor.
  • Process documents in automated style
  • Can keep history of transaction processing of documents.
  • Instant approval status enquiry of the documents.
  • Documents will not be lost as they will be reaching the approvers via Admin.
  • Digital signature is required by the approver to accept or reject the document.
  • User can track the progress status of a submission and add comments once approved.

The EAS Application & Snapshots

E Approval System Main Page

Admin File Assigning


The EAS has been successfully developed to ensure organizational decisions are made efficiently and tasks are approved in timely manner. The approval system is developed in Java and MySQL is used to store data. The frameworks, Hibernate and Spring, make the system more reliable and easy to operate.

The EAS realizes several functionalities such as: reducing redundant tasks; giving productive workflow with efficiency; and, providing centralized and consolidated feedback from the approver, reduced risk of errors, increased functional security, message encryption, and improved tracking progress status.

Future Enhancement

Although at this time, it has been thoroughly tested and implemented, it still may be enhanced with the following improvements in the future:

The EAS can add a chatting feature, which will help the User and Approver communicate, share ideas or make announcements within the system effectively.

The EAS can offer to build an internal document search engine, an easy way to search for previously approved documents.

The EAS can build a reminder feature, where the approvers are sent reminders to complete the approval process in timely manner.

The EAS can include additional functionalities in terms of user management and data security in the Admin module.

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