Cell Phones Beyond Calls And SMS Seminar Topic

CELL-PHONES-BEYOND-CALLS-AND-SMSCell phones beyond calls and SMS is a seminar topic which will be useful for computer science students. This topic explains about how cell technology had started and how the use of this technology had grown from day to day. This topic covers some of the interesting facts in cell phones design and software which are not known to many of the users.

Concepts that are covered in this seminar are.

SHORT AND SWEET SMS: Away from calls SMS are widely used by mobile users for communication. This feature allows users to use value added services like ring tones, caller tunes, email , chatting …etc. SMS option had created lot of options for developing innovative features for mobile users.

MOBILITY: Because of this feature mobile technology had created lot of interest in users. With this feature users can get connected from anywhere in the world.

CHEATING CODES: In this document you can find list of cheat codes that are used to find out hidden information of your mobile.

MOBILE SECURITY: There are lot of security features in mobiles which can be used for locking sim, locking phone and blocking unwanted calls.

CELLPHONE MEETS PC: With new innovations like IPADS computers are over taken by mobiles.

download Seminar Report and paper presentaion  on Cell phones beyond calls and SMS .

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