Intelligent Vehicular Monitoring Using Multi-Hop Wireless System

The correct position of the accident place is important for the accurate determination of the relation among methods of accident and road and for correct selection of development calculations under vehicular monitoring methods.

 For instance, the web alerts different programs like crippled vehicles, accidents, or road obstacles to drivers under nearby vehicles. If vehicles are geared including wireless points then the data is able to advertise and breed ahead the road for the particular destination assistance area to reach.

Presently this idea is utilized under vehicular accidents to obtain the medical emergency services. If the accident happens on the road then it is felt like the action in (source point) victimized vehicles and the attentive packet is advertised with respect to get to know about the event. The attentive packet is obtained over the combination of candidate nodes in advertised limit of the source point.

Hop is the concept of wireless telecommunication among two nodes.  There are stages under hopping. They are multi hopping and frequency hopping.  Frequency hopping is the method under which sequence of binary information has data that adjust the carrier signal frequency to produce the output as the FSK signal. The collection of binary bits ‘k’ and the collection of frequencies of subcarrier 2k are selected to produce the multi level FSK. Ultimately, the MFSK adjusts the carrier that hops by any means.

Frequency hopping functions among two nodes and hence increased function among is seen among multiple nodes and the enhanced technology is improved based on frequency hopping known as communication of “Multi HOP ‘’.


Intelligent Vehicular Monitoring Using Multi-Hop Wireless System is concluded that the Multi-hop depends on wireless adhoc web of points that is able to distribute the complex security data under attentive forms. The points are implanted under vehicles. The attentive are utilized to generate the emergency replies means.

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