This Air and zigbee to-zigbee Device Control Scheme for Single Media Multi Devices project demonstrates the concept of IR  and ZigBee to ZigBee Device control scheme for single media multiple devices, in which there are home appliances like air-conditioner, electric fan, audio, display device, electric lamp, curtain, electro motion chair, fragrance generator, flash light, fan heater and heater, etc. devices which are not in the line of sight and will present in different room in a home cannot be controlled simply by using IR whose distance will be short distance and line of sight only. This can be solved by the combination of IR and ZigBee. 

             In this proposed system we will give the control signals from the remote controller which is again given to ZigBee then to another Zigbee which may present out of line of sight. The second ZigBee will be connected to the different devices through Relays.

SOFTWARE USED: Embedded C Programming

TOOLS USED: Keil software , Flash magic software

TARGET DEVICE USED: LPC2148 (ARM7) Microcontroller device

APPLICATIONS: Can also be used in industries to control the different equipments.

ADVANTAGES: The distance of controlling can also be improved by connecting ZigBee modules in a network.


  • IR Rx
  • LPC2148(ARM7) Microcontroller
  • XBEE
  • DEVICE 1
  • DEVICE 2

Download Air and zigbee to-zigbee Device Control Scheme for Single Media Multi Devices Embedded System Final Project Abstract