Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems Project Abstract

In present days the usage of distributed networking has increased rapidly, using these networks has many advantages; in addition to the list of benefits distributed networks also has some disadvantages and the faults that are observed among the network are considered as the important disadvantage of distributed networks. Switching the mode and failures of distributed networks are considered as the significant faults and these faults can be retrieved using fault recovery methods and the literature review part of this Fault Tolerance in Dıstrıbuted Systems document covers several fault recovery methods.

Many of these techniques of fault recovery are static in character and even the dynamic link failure over the distributed network cannot be deleted by these techniques. Evaluating the role of the “mobile agent” of the distributed system by depending on the fault tolerance system is the significant aim of this project. An application based on Dotnet is used for achieving the proposed aim of the project. The tables required in the project are handled using the SQL and the user interface required is created using the swing framework.

A master server and other two servers are established and distributed network off and link failures are the faults inserted here and two clients can be handled by each and every server. The entire performance of the distributed networks can be improved by using the mobile agent and even the potential link failures can be handled by the mobile agent and all this is proved from the results obtained.

Aims and Objectives:

This Fault Tolerance in Dıstrıbuted Systems research has the few aims and objectives and they are represented below:

Aim: To design an energetic mobile agent very that depends on the hierarchical model in order to tolerate the faults that are caused among the vigorous dynamic systems.


The research is preceded with the objectives given below:

  • To estimate the drawbacks in the literature by the disparate analysis of various mobile agents that depends on the fault tolerant systems which are implemented for monitoring the faults in vigorous distributed systems.
  • To implement a fault tolerant system based on the energetic mobile agent with the utilization of Dotnet application and that fault tolerant system should be developed in such a way that it can gather all the statistics from various mobile nodes of the WSN.
  • To maintain the routing tables by developing a SQL database and to save the information of monitoring that is gathered.
  • To estimate the results by testing the applications over the aim of the research project.
Paper Submitted & Written by Sathish Nagarajan

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