Implement and Design a Sigma – Delta based ADC for GSM Receiver

MSc Mobile Communications 

Research Dissertation Proposal Form 

Discuss briefly the scope of the research: 

In recent years , the bandwidth for wireless  communication standards keeps on increasing from 1st  generation 1G which is first introduced in 1980’s and had only 200khz signal  bandwidth  to wireless local  area network(WLAN)  and worldwide interoperability microwave access  ( WIMAX)  in recent years , which has 20 MHz  signal bandwidth . Increasing the signal bandwidth allows for faster data transmitting and receiving rate. Meanwhile, it also increases the difficulty of designing the Analogue to Digital converters inside a transceiver.

                 As in this research we Implement and design a sigma – delta based analogue to digital converter for GSM receiver. Sigma – Delta ADC architecture has been preferred for wireless receivers in handheld devices 

Comment on how you might evaluate your own the research goals:  

        We compare the performances of first order      ∑  ∆  modulator, second order ∑  ∆  and third order ∑  ∆  modulators  . When multiple first-order ∑  ∆ loops are cascaded to obtain higher order modulators, the signal that is passed to the successive loop is the error term from the current loop. There will be some error difference between the integrator output and the quantization output. Essentially, the noise shaping function in a ∑  ∆  modulator is the inverse of the transfer function of the filter in the forward path of the modulator.

Concise outline of the Research Methodology you plan to use: 

1)    Design a sigma – delta analogue to digital converter 

2)  Design a GSM receiver 

3)  Simulation and results in two ways           

  • plot for single sine wave
  • plot for GSM  signal

Discuss briefly any equipment you might require, or any data sets with which to commence expedition of the research project: 

I will design the circuits in matlab and execute them in matlab itself, so there is no need of any other equipment 

What knowledge and skills do you have that will be most relevant here? 

We need good skills of Matlab and we should have a thorough knowledge on digital signal processing and communication systems  

Schedule for plan of research and estimated hours: 

  • Understanding on  working principle of Nyquist rate ,oversampling and ∑  ∆ ADC’s 
  • Study of ∑  ∆ ADC in terms of  Bandwidth , Dynamic range oversampling ratio 
  • ∑  ∆ ADC modulators and it advantages 
  • Study and design a GSM receiver and quantify its Dynamic range requires  for the ∑  ∆ ADC 
  • Developing a design of the proposed ∑  ∆ ADC 
  • Simulation and Results 

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