Research on Indian Network Infrastructure Project Proposal

Course: MSc Data Networks and Security


AIM: To investigate the present technology and infrastructure of various computer network firms and analyse how the infrastructure is coping up with the present trends with regards to sustainability and improvement of the IT Sector in India.




Networking significance is one of the major criteria’s for this study. It is the primary concern of a researcher to understand the present technology and retain an insight of its future scope. It is always beneficiary to have an up to date knowledge about the technologies to stay ahead of the targets and sustain in the competitive industry. A good foundation results in a strong establishment of the technology involved. Many articles and surveys revealed that Indian firms will top the IT sector in the world in next two decades. This project will act as an eye opener dealing with the future infrastructures adopted by companies in India to compete and excel and retain themselves as strong competitors with the other companies of the world. 


      To study and compare the current computer network infrastructure in well established and developing software industries. 

      To conduct a research on various security technologies adopted in the Indian companies. 

      To analyse the reliability of infrastructures adopted in both types of firms. 

      To underline the problems and drawbacks faced in general and try to provide adoptable and relevant solutions. 

      To highlight factors that control cost effectiveness and reliability. 


The Methodology adopted will be qualitative including interviews with Indian IT companies as the main resource of findings backed up with the Literature review.

The prime aim is to develop a blue print on how to conduct the research on the present infrastructure of the companies and then try to analyse the glimpse of the future perspective.

Preparing a questionnaire and getting feedbacks from people of related sectors.

Divide the tasks in stages to help achieve better results. 

      Primarily, the interviews will help to find relevant points regarding technology improvement and detail out strategies of the companies to become and remain successful. This will help in comparing the systems of both developed and established companies with the developing companies.

      Secondarily, read the research articles on the IT companies and develop a blue print on the infrastructure they house. Prepare a list of companies on which the research would be done

           This will be entirely based on books, journals and articles in the internet which will                     provide information related to previous studies relevant to this topic and thereby can help in finding practical solutions for the improvement of the use of technology in an efficient manner.Collecting and implementing the acquired information in the required areas and to analyse the results keeping the business point of view in mind.

The research also includes the information regarding the newly established IT firms in or nearer rural areas. In this scenario, relevant information regarding the foundations and frame works of the companies are noted and analysed whether they match to the level of established MNC’s and if not what are the factors that are influencing for these firms to stay behind the competition. 

Glimpse of the future

The IT companies have started recognising the importance of infrastructure and developing  in order to meet the upcoming technologies. Major firms like WIPRO, INFOSYS, IBM, COGNIZANT etc  give more preference to the infrastructures. This trend is likely to be followed by all the companies and thus India is destined to be the future IT capital of the world.

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