A Study of Consumer’s Online and Offline Shopping Behavior Project Report

An Analysis of Consumer’s Online and Offline Shopping Behavior is an MBA Marketing-related final-year project. The main aim of this project is to study online shopping customer’s behavior and offline shopping customers behavior. The duration of the project is 60 days.


1. Analysis of consumer behavior on online and offline purchases.
2. Conduct a comparative study of online and offline purchases.
3. Find out what people think about online shopping.


  • Therefore, this study “A Study of Consumer’s Online and Offline Shopping Behavior” will be useful for the online seller in creating a strategy to meet their needs by knowing the attitude and satisfaction level of the customers.
  • Determine what factors affect the consumer’s online purchases.
  • Find out which website features will motivate the user to buy the product from the online shopping website.


  • The results of the survey are based on the assumption that respondents have accurate information.
  • Research is limited in time and cost.
  • Respondents filled out the questionnaire by accident because they did not want to provide any information, which may affect the conclusion.


  • Use a debit card instead of another payment method.
  • Don’t buy from spam or phishing emails.
  • Buy from a mobile device, not a computer.
  • Compare product prices through price comparison sites.
  • Buy electronic equipment and valuables from offline trading.
  • Read the refund policy.
  • Buy from trusted websites.


  • The survey also showed a positive attitude and behavior of consumers who prefer traditional stores to online shopping.
  • Online shopping has made consumers more efficient and effective in their purchasing behavior, taking business to a new level and forcing many to make the necessary adjustments and changes to reach new markets for informed consumers.
  • Technology has made significant progress over the years to provide consumers with a better online shopping experience and will continue to do so for many years to come.
  • With the rapid growth of products and brands, people thought that online stores would overtake in-store purchases.
  • Research shows that changes in online shopping behavior are positive for reasons such as cash on delivery, discounts, schemes, and the quality of the products offered.
  • Internet use, successful online shopping, rising living standards, the influence of friends, and attractive offers have influenced the decision to buy.
  • The “Y” generation, aged 18-35, was mainly interested in purchasing electronic products online via smartphones.
  • Consumer e-decision-making is primarily influenced by marketing influences, such as price, television, newspaper, and magazine ads, free samples, product quality, and brand image, which have the greatest impact on consumers’ desire to shop online.
  • Electronic purchases of electronic products were less in demand, but more in demand by clothing consumers.
  • several goods in the preferential zone are not delivered by trade sites, and with the development of technology, the preference for online shopping has increased.

Download the complete MBA marketing project report on AN ANALYSIS OF CONSUMER’S ONLINE AND OFFLINE SHOPPING BEHAVIOUR

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