SQL Server Introduction – SQL Server Tutorial

SQL SERVER Tutorial – Lesson 1

Different Products from Microsoft:

  • Operating System: Examples are Windows XP, 2K3, Win7, Win8
  • Database Servers: Examples are SQL Server, MS Access
  • Application Development Tools: Examples are C#.Net, VB.Net and ASP.Net
  • Enterprise Resource Planning: Examples are Microsoft Dynamics
  • Data Warehousing: Examples are Microsoft Business intelligence (MSBI)

SQL SERVER Introduction:

  • It is a Database Server s\w.
  • It is a Application s\w.
  • It is a DBMS.
  • It is a RDBMS & ORDBMS.
  • It is a Back end tool. 

 Software’s are two types

  • System Software: Example is System
  • Application Software: Example is User where this user is having different types including word processing, spread sheets, presentation, DBMS. 


  • HDBMS-Hierarchical
  • NDBMS-Network
  • RDBMS-Relational (EX: Oracle, SQL)
  • ORDBMS-Object Relational
  • OODBMS-Object Oriented

Different between Oracle & Sql Server:

  • Sql runs on Window Platform operating system.
  • Oracle runs on different platforms – Linux,Unix.
  • Developers are both side same, but both side database.

Admin is used to different tools. 

Example of RDBMS:

  • Oracle
  • Sql Server
  • My Sql
  • Sybase
  • Ingnes
  • Informix
  • Teradata
  • Db2 

OLTP: Online Transaction Processing – Example: ATM 


  • Presentation Logic
  • Business Logic
  • Storage Logic : Here, we can store permanently.   
  • File
  • DB

A tool which provides facility to create database is called

These tools are called “ Back end tools”.

Business Logic: Means-programs those are  C#, VB, JAVA. Here, validating the data.

Presentation Logic: It is created by using some tools are called “ Front end tools”. Examples are VB, C# etc.

“Any front end tool can be connected to any Back end tool”.

Sql Server Language: TSQL: TRANSACT SQL

Oracle Language: SQL, PL/SQL                                                                          


  • SSMS : Sql Server Management Studio-> OLTP
  • SSBIDS : Sql Server Business Intelligence Development Studio-> OLAP (online analytical processing) (Or) DWH.
  • Sql Server Profiler
  • Sql Server DB Tuning Adviser.
    • These tools are performing Tuning.


          Facts about

           People,                       EX: 1   **   5000



Information: Organized data is called “information”.

Example: Emp no     Name        Salary

1                   **             5000

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