Hospital Management System Project in Vb.Net

To automate process involved in hospital management this advanced hospital management system project is designed. This project is developed in visual basic using microsoft access as back end.

Hospital Management System Project in Vb.Net


a)     Maintain record of patients. i.e. operation, treatments and other relative processes. 

b)     Maintain record of staff members. 

c)     Maintain all details of different wards and beds. i.e. total occupied beds and total vacant beds. 

d)     Viewing patient’s information securely and rapidly. 

e)     Prepare bill of the patient with total charges. 

f)      Prepare Discharge Card. 

Make the legacy process more efficient and fast.

Existing Working Procedure :- 

a)     The patient contacts for the doctor’s appointment by placing his personal details. Personal information is maintained in the hand-written muster. 

b)     They maintained the hand-written notes for treatment given to each patient for future reference; backup for such notes is not available. 

c)     Every time when patient visits them, the particular folder which contains the patient’s data is searched, this is very time consuming process. 

d)     In old system, all the information of patient such as operation details, admission details, discharge details is kept in register, which is hard to maintain and insecure as any document can be lost during the storage of register. 

e)     On present the authority on the manual bases that took lot of valuable time and possible chances of error or mistake has presented all the bill of material.

Requirement of  Hospital Management System:- 

1)    The time of every activity should reduce considerably. 

2)    Recently unnecessary records are not to be viewed but should remain in system for possible future use. 

3)    System should have provisions for different users with their various rights. 

4)    Records should not be deleted or modified by simple users. Such rights are given to specialized users only. Also read permission should be differing according to the user. 

5)    System should be easy to sue by the user that is it should be user friendly.

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