Hierarchical Bloom Filter Metadata Management .Net Project

Rapid increase in usage of communication network had created a scope for developing Hierarchical Bloom Filter Metadata Management .Net Project to handle cluster data and increase performance of scalable computing. As the usage of network had increased in every field from all over the world which had caused storage problem for a dedicated commercial systems.


In a communication network transmitting data is divided in to two categories, User request data and Meta data requests, network should handle both of these data accurately for providing standard performance along all data paths. This project explains about Hierarchical Bloom Filter Arrays which will manage metadata evenly by dividing it between different MS’s.

BF will transfer metadata to different MS’s for decentralizing metadata.Each MS will use different Bf.Metadata will be stored in Ms which is called home MS.


The project entitled as “HBA: Distributed Metadata Management for Large Cluster-Based Storage Systems” developed using .NET using C#. Modules display as follows.


1. Login
2. Searching Network.
3. Meta Data Creation
4. Searching Files

Module Description

Login module will provide username and password field for users to log into site. Based on valid username and password user can log in to the site. In order to user additional features users should configure with other features.

Searching Network.
This modules main functionality is to search list of computers that are connected in the network and some folders will be used for sharing between networks. Shared folder computers are listed out and metadata will be gathered from these shared folders.

Creating Meta Data.
Creating Metadata module is used to create metadata for all the system files that are connected in network. This module will save all the files in to database. Away form database files are saved in to text file. This procedure will help in reducing long run process of existing system.

Searching Files
Searching files module is used to search files by entering text files.This searching method is different from existing system.  Search is done from database. Initially search is carried through file names.

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  1. Ramesh Gavva Sir, I am presenting HBA as my minor project and am having difficulties getting it to run because i got sqlexception or i/o exception everytime i put some values in the windows form, i would be very grateful if you help me overcome these error and guide me to perform at excellence.
    I am trying to search for some media to contact you but the site doesnt seem to have any sort of contacting method, so it would be very helpful if you drop me a mail with any sort of contact info of yours so that i can contact you.

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