Greedy Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks a ASP.Net Project

Greedy-Routing-For-Wireless-Sensor-Networks-A-ASP-Net-ProjectGreedy routing algorithm projects main idea is to develop new algorithm to replace existing system where delivery of packets in a wireless network is not accurate.   In this project GAR Protocol is proposed to reduce existing problem with increasing routing efficiency by using new techniques like Unit Disk Graph.

In this project Unit Disk Graph boundary traversal is used to increase accuracy for transmitting packet from one node to other node in a unit disk graph boundary network.

In order to implement this project boundary map and indirect map search map protocols are used which are one of the efficient protocols used in a network.

In a network packet loss is mostly seen when the routing map is not direct so this project uses more efficient hop count reduction method which will reduce hop count by understanding neighbor traffic, Intersection navigation is used for calculating shortest path to reduce chances of packet loss in network.

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