GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services Project Abstract

In this document a solution is implemented for increasing the public transportation management services that are based on the GSM and GPS in the province of Punjab in the country of Pakistan. This system includes of four modules: In-bus module, bus station module, base station module and bus stop module. Equipped with the GSM and PC the module of the bus station module send the information containing the license plate number and the bus number to the base station and the in-bus module using SMS.

The micro controller is based on the in-bus module and it mainly include a receiver based on the GPS system and modem. It then transferred the number of passengers and location to the module of the base station. The module of the base station is equipped with a unit of micro controller and modem of GSM that is interfaced with the interface of the PC to keep the records of al the buses. A bus location request can be processed by the user and it also helps in updating the bus locations.

At every stop the bus stop module is installed ad it includes a dot matrix, memory unit device and GSM modem. All of these are interfaced to a micro controller. This will help to know the bus that is coming towards the stop and it will consist of all the information about that bus. The display will show on the dot matrix display.

A statistical analysis is sent to the transportation of the Punjab government department to check the service and performance that is offered by the transporters. According to the result it is stated that the system that is developed is useful for people using public transportation service. This system is very useful and it will also help to know people in advance about the next coming bus at the stop. 

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