GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services

GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services (ABSTRACT)People those who are waiting for the buses at the bus stops for city or private buses will be looking eagerly for the bus they want to get in. But they can be able to trace the present location of the bus.

 This Final Year Engineering Embedded System project GPS-GSM INTERGRATION FOR ENHANCE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SERVICES will be use full to find out the current location of the bus on a particular route for city buses, private travels as well as RTC buses. This project contains two embedded system modules one will placed inside the bus and the other will be placed at the bus stops. The location of bus can be find out using GPS and can be sent to bus stop using GSM. Key pad will be helpful for location the location of the stop manually to the bus stop.

In this Public Transportation Management Services project we going use LPC2148 (ARM7) based microcontroller, which the current dominant microcontroller in mobile based products and software development Tool as  Keil, flash magic for loading hex file in to the microcontroller.

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE: Embedded ‘C’ language 

HARDWARE TOOLS: Keil, Flash magic

DESTINATION DEVICE: LPC2148 microcontroller

APPLICATIONS: Public and private transportation

ADVANTAGES: Automatic way of finding the location of the vehicle


Download GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services Embedded System Btech Final Year Project Abstract

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    In EFY i read about your GPS project those are really impressive. i do have some innovative ideas, which i want to share with you and discus with you. can you help me out ? let’s invent new electronic gadget or equipment for survey and making land maps with the help of your electronic device? i will help you for the same and provide what ever information you need about survay. Maharashra gov. is about to start grand resurvey protect . i hope our invention starts new chapter in indian survay department which will vary help full for poor farmers of vidarbha as well as rest of Maharashtra and india . i am realy looking forward to it . if you are interested call me on my moble no 9960465473 or sent mail on my email ID. thank you i hope you will call me or answer my mail . youer friend

  2. hai sir/madam
    I want gps-gsm-integration-for-enhancing-public-transportation-management-services project fully and completely with source code and equipments …….can u provide me?how much cost is this ?
    Awaiting for your reply

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