Anonymous Query Processing In Road Networks Project

Anonymous Query Processing In Road Networks project is a 2010 project which is implemented in ASP.Net platform. Main aim of this project is to provide solution about mapping of routes when we are at unknown location. This application will provide users with source and destination options to trace out list of locations and its distances with optimal value option. User can also trace out best route among the listed routes which is more comfortable for drivers based on factors like road route, optimal value and distance.

Other features provided In this project are routing, control centers and tourism. In control center module user can log in to account and give ratings about the route which will be useful for other travelers.

For more information on this project you can download base paper and overview about the project execution is provided in below video.

download Anonymous query processing In road networks projects base paper, abstract and documentation.

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  1. can anyone say the detail for develop Anonymous Query Processing in Road Networks(.NET Project) in java , what are the languages needed.

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