Auto Irrigation System over IoT Project

This is the smart Irrigation system project. With the help of this project, any farmer can able to operate and control devices in the farming land.

We are going to provide auto and manual way of on/off the water pump, Fertiliser pump based on the soil wet/dry conditions.

Android App Operations below:

The farmer can switch on the Water Pump
Can Switch off the water Pump
Switch on the Fertiliser Pump
Switch off the Fertiliser Pump
Automatic Mode

In the Auto mode, it works automatically when soil is dry the motor will be on and once the soil is wet it will off automatically.

In this IoT project, we have soil Moisture Sensor, Comparator Circuit, 2 relay Modules are used for switching on the water pumps, basically relay module is has a small transistor, WIfi Module sends a signal to the transistor to switch on the relay,

The relay will trigger the motor power supply

This wifi module will receive the signal from the android app over the IP address.

The below is the working procedure of the Auto Irrigation system project.

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