Free SMS Mobile Service (Text Messages)

Project Name : Free SMS Mobile Service (Text Messages)

Project Description : User can send SMS from different websites like way2sms, 160by2, fullonsms, site2sms. User can also register on these websites through single interface.

Platform: Eclipse (Galileo)

Technology: Android SDK  2.2

Constraints: 1. Group SMS facility is not available.
2. DND service activated user can’t receive SMS.

Project Definition

  • Free SMS Mobile Service (Text Messages)

Preliminary Investigation

  • There are number of applications in android through which user can send messages.But limitations of these applications are that they support only single website like way2sms or 160by2 or fullonsms.
  • Therefore, if any user has to send messages then that user has to compulsory register on that website only. Then user can use its username and password in that application.

Eg. If an application supports website waysms than that user must hold username and password of way2sms .

Though user has username and password of other websites like fullonsms or 160by2, he/she can’t use this application.

  • In contrast, Free SMS Mobile Service application is integrating different websites like way2sms, 160by2sms, fullonsms, site2sms.
  • User can use any of these websites to send messages.
  • User can also register on these websites and create his/her account.

Free SMS Mobile Service (Text Messages)


  • Purpose

User can Login through one Interface and can send messages through various gateways.

  • Overview
  • The application provides user to send SMS from various websites like way2sms, 160by2, fullonsms, site2sms through one single interface.
  • The application allows user to select a gateway and Login in it.
  • After Login process,user can fetch contacts from phone & sends SMS or send SMS to new contact.
  • It is necessary that user must have registered account on SMS gateway website.
  • User can Login into different SMS gateway accounts & sends SMS.
  • API’s for various gateways are available in single application

Environmental Characteristics 

  1. Hardware :
  • Android OS Supported Device
  1.  Software  :
  • Android Platform Version 2.2 and above
  • Development Tools
  • Android SDK
  • Eclipse IDE
  1. Users :
  • People

Goals of Implementation

  • Any user that have an account on provided gateways can use this application.
  • Any user that have Android phone and an active internet connection can install this application and use it to send SMS through account registered on different gateways.

Functional Requirement

  1. Login
  • Description : User can login in the sms gateway in which he has an account.
  • Input : User-id, password, gateway
  • Output : New sms screen
  1. View Messages
  • Description : This will allow user to view phone sms inbox.
  • Input : Clicking on inbox button
  • Output : Sms inbox
  1. View contact list
  • Description : This will allow user to view contacts stored in phone
  • Input : Clicking on contacts button
  • ­­­Output : Phone contacts
  1. Send Messages
  • Description : This will allow user to type and send sms.
  • Input : Type sms and click on send button.
  • Output : Notification for sms sent.

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