Flex Based Business Catalyst .Net Project

Project Scope

Flex Based Business Catalyst is a venue where services in relation to the completion of projects or the performance of tasks (Services) may be bought and sold. Flex Based Business Catalyst allows companies and/or individuals who require Services (Service Buyers) to advertise their requirements and companies or individuals who provide Services (Providers, Professionals) to offer their Services using a competitive bidding process. When a Buyer advertises a project in the website, the Buyer shall specify a closing time and date (Closing Date) by which time all offers to provide such Services (Bids) must have been submitted by Providers. Within five (5) business days of the Closing Date the Buyer shall select a Bid at the Buyer’s sole discretion. Flex Based Business Catalyst will automatically be notified of the selection via the Website. Upon notification of a successful Bid, the Buyer will be automatically notified of the Provider’s contact details and the Provider of the Buyer’s contact details via the Website.

Product Perspective

As a freelance provider, you can search or browse for projects by category, keyword, locations and many other criteria. Using the keyword search facility to find jobs with specific qualifications, you can then use the search filter to narrow your search results by location, distance, feedback and ratings etc.
More IT Service Providers, Experienced Freelancers, College and University Students are taking advantage of Flex Based Business Catalyst to Find More Work, Manage Projects Online and Get Paid Securely.

Product Features
– Companies can quickly staff up when needed, and scale down when demand is low
– Increase growth by tapping into the  Flex Based Business Catalyst pool of fully rated professionals
– Gain access to a wider skills set locally & internationally
Cost effective
– Open and transparent bidding system ensures quality and competitive quotes are received from skilled professionals around the world
– The use of remote labor ensures less overheads, less office space and no cost or liability in firing staff
– Cheaper when compared to traditional forms of hiring staff e.g. agency or recruiter fees

– Release payment only when requirements are met and results are delivered.
– Stored communications and ability to leave public feedback inspires great performance.

User Classes and Characteristics
As it is website for freelancing the registered user plays an important role because, he is the one who can find more professionals to work on projects and also can post a new project details and can also bid for a particular project.

Software requirements:
o    Microsoft .Net framework
o    Flex Builder
o    Microsoft C#.Net language
o    Microsoft SQL Server

Class Diagram
Class Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Usecase Diagram
Usecase Diagram

Freelancer who wants to access the website needs to register by giving his personal and professional details. Then user will be given unique user id and password. Login into website by giving the credentials. User can search for professionals and projects. Can view selected professional profile in detail. Can send message to individual professional.

Registered user can view the projects and can bid for that project. Can post new project details. If the bid is selected then user will be intimated through website.

User will have to deposit funds in the website’s account before bid approval. And user can view account details like funds in account, funds released etc., Can view the account report between selected dates.

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