Finger Print Reorganization System Project Report

Introduction to Finger Print Reorganization Project:

Finger print identification system is the process of comparing known friction skin ridge impressions from fingers. The main objective of the project is to develop an “Automation System” using microcontroller AT89C52 for fingerprint scanning.

A fingerprint reorganization system operates in verification mode or identification mode. In verification mode, the system verifies an individual’s identity by comparing the input fingerprint with the individual’s own template(s) stored in the database. In, the identification mode, it system identifies an individual by searching the templates of all the users in the database for the match. In this project we are using finger print verification system.

The projects are based on this scanning process of finger or thumb print and through this scanning process an automation system which controls on both thumb print and security code basis

The various stage of fingerprint verification in this project is

  • Data Acquisition
  • Image Processing
  • Fingerprint Image Enhancement
  • Feature Extraction
  • Matching
  • Authentication

Data acquisition stage in which a fingerprint image is obtained from an individual by using a scanner, the next stage image processing is done standard image processing algorithms. The pre-processed fingerprint image is then enhanced using specifically designed enhancement algorithms; the enhanced image is then used to extract salient features in the feature extraction stage which is then matched using various fingerprint matching algorithms.

            Some of the main hardware used in the system is

  • Thumb Scanner
  • Power Supply Unit
  • 8 – bit Microcontroller 8051
  • LCD display
  • Door Motor (stepper motor)

Keil development tools for the 8051 Microcontroller Architecture is used in this system, C language is used to program in this project. The compiled program is burned at the appropriate place in the EEPROM of the 89S52. Thumb scanner is one of the main hardware parts of the system which captures the fingerprint information which is then processed and matched with the data in the database using some algorithms.

Download Finger Print Reorganization System Project Report from this link.

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