Embedded Citation Guidelines ECE Seminar Idea for Final Year Students

In this paper we will the guidelines for writing embedded citations. Citations are the content to be written based on the idea give the author. Citations are used for preparing technical documents or text books. In this paper we will see how citations are used and the methods to be followed while writing a referred document.

Brief on the usage of citations:

Reference is the most common word which is used in citations, it means that writing the content of an author in this own meanings. When we write a line which is told by author can be written in the referenced book by using his name or by giving the page referential for the author.

When we write a content which is proposed by two authors then we need to mention their names at the end of the sentence or the beginning of the sentence. Suppose if the content or the properties is proposed by a more than two or three scientists then we need to give et al at the end of the author name which means the referred material is propose by more number of scientists. When we are writing a referenced content which is proposed and later developed in the successive years then we need to respective years in the content written.


When a referenced material is written and if we do not mention the referred author then it under stealing the content which is treated as a malpractice. When referenced materials are written we need to follow the citations by which the document written can be understood as a referenced material.

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