Electronic Store System .Net Project

Synopsis of Project 

  1. Project Title: Electronic Store System.
  1. Introduction of the Project:

The Electronic Store Project is creating for store the detail of a Electronic store documents as customer details, product details also purchase details, and maintain the billing system of the Electronic store. It is easy to use for human being to store and maintain an Electronic store details.

Electronic Store System

  1. Objective of the project:

The Electronic store project is helping us to maintain or control all transaction of a Electronic store use by any system or computer. The actual purpose of the project is reduce the time to control an Electronic store billing system and store records in computer.

  1. Project Category:

It is RDBMS base software and also use OOPS concept.

  1. DFD:
  1. E-R Diagrams :
  1. Data base Design:

Table of the Data base:

  1. tbllogin,
  2. tblcustomer,
  3. tblproduct,
  4. tblproducttype,
  5. tblorder,
  6.  tblpurchase,
  7. tbldelivery

Table relation:

Project Module:

  • Login module :

The login module is use for maintain security part of the project using userid and password.

  • Customer Module:

Customer module is use for store the details of all customer who is want to purchase or deliver the product.

  • Product Module:

Product module is use to store the product details of all product details.

  • Order Module:

Order Module is use for take any order of any product of the shop.

  • Payment Module:

Payment Module is use for control payment details of a product of purchase or order time.

  • Delivery Module:

The delivery module is use for control delivery details of all products if delivery is required.

  • Report Module:

The report module is use of create bill of a payment of any product which is purchase.


To develop the Electronic  shop system project I use the .Net platform.

  1. Testing Process To be use:
  2. Unit Testing
  3. Module Testing
  4. Subsystem Testing
  5. System Testing 

Hardware and Software Requirement:

  1. Hardware requirement:

   PIV 1.2 GHZ or above

512 MB RAM or Higher

100 MB Free Hard disk space or Higher

  1. Software requirement:

WINDOWS NT 4 | 2000 | XP | ME

Visual Studio .Net 2008 Enterprise Edition

Internet Information Server 5.0

Visual Studio .Net Framework 3.5

SQL Server 2005

  1.  No the project is not for any industry or client. 
  1.  Future scope of the Project:

The Future scope of the project is it is work to maintain only one shop. If a large Electronic sealer organization is want use this application is not work properly. Because, it is not nor works in LAN connected machine it is work only local machine. So it is the future scope of the project is work in LAN.

  1. Further Enhancement :

The further enhancement of the project is to develop it for control all process of a Electronic store now it is control only seals and order for Electronic. We cannot use it for seals or order for Electronic accessories.

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