Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Algorithm For Wireless Sensors

Energy Efficient multipath routing algorithm for wireless sensors paper explains about implementing a new algorithm for improving the efficiency of packet routing in multipath networking systems. 

In this paper, we take a view that in networking routing using shortest path with minimum energy will cause a problem when the present node is busy and time taken for finding alternative path will increase.

In this case, multi path routing will be helpful which will distribute traffic among different paths.

In this paper we cover new efficient methods in multipath networking which utilizes different paths between source and sink, this method is used because of low traffic overhead. 

This protocol works with low energy and provides efficient and reliable transmission.

Other factors in this system include using available energy more efficiently and finding out multiple routes more efficiently based on the received nodes information.

Performance of these new algorithms is checked using simulators and the result shows this new method is more efficient compare to existing methods.

download Energy efficient multipath routing algorithm for wireless sensors reference document.


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