EEE MATLAB Simulation Projects List

EEE Project List (BTech/M-Tech):Simulation MAT-LAB 

Course of Instruction:

Basics of MATLAB programming/Simulink

Designing of Simple circuits in Simulink

Steady State Space Analysis of RLC Circuits

Electrical Drives/Machines

  • Basic Concepts of Motor
  • AC/DC motors
  • Modeling of Induction Motors
  • Electrical Drives
  • Various speed controlling techniques of AC/DC motors
  • Fuzzy/Neural Networks

Power Electronics:

  • Uncontrollable/controllable Converters
  • Various PWM Techniques (PWM/SPWM/SVPWM/DPWM/GDPWM)
  • Multilevel Inverters
  • Harmonics, Active/Passive Filters
  • DC to DC converters(Buck/Buck Boost/Cuk/Sepic)
  • Fuzzy/Neural Networks

Power Systems

  • Transmission/Distribution/Protection
  • Concepts of Facts(UPFC/SSSC/Statcom/UPQC/TCSC)
  • Modeling of Facts Devices in Simulink/Matlab
  • Distributed Generation
  • Non-Conventional Energy Sources
  • Fuzzy/Neural Networks


  1. An Islanding Detection Method for Inverter-Based Distributed Generators Based on the Reactive Power Disturbance IEEE 2016 * R.E, P.S
  2. A Novel Control Method for Transformer less H-Bridge
    Cascaded STATCOM With Star Configuration IEEE 2015 * P.E
  3. An Observer-Based Optimal Voltage Control Scheme for Three-Phase UPS Systems IEEE 2015 D* P.S
  4. A new hybrid Active Neutral point Clamped Flying capacitor Multilevel Inverter IEEE 2015 * P.E
  5. Five-level multi pole PWM AC-AC Converters with reduced components circuits IEEE 2015 * P.E
  6. New three phase symmetrical Multilevel Voltage source inverter IEEE 2015* P.E
  7. A Wireless Charging System Applying Phase-Shift and Amplitude Control to Maximize Efficiency and Extractable Power IEEE 2015 D* P.E,P.S
  8. Performance of Three Phase II-level Inverter with reduced number of switches using different PWM Techniques IEEE 2015 * P.E
  9. Asymmetrical Multilevel Inverter for Higher Output Voltage Levels IEEE 2015 *D P.E
  10. Five-Level Inverter Using POD PWM Technique IEEE 2015 * P.E
  11. Analysis of Phase – Shifted Carrier Modulation for modular multilevel converters IEEE 2015 * P.E
  12. A Bidirectional Modular Multilevel DC–DC Converter of Triangular Structure IEEE 2015 * P.E
  13. Analysis and Operation of Modular Multilevel Converters With Phase-Shifted Carrier PWM IEEE 2015 * P.E
  14. A New isolated Multilevel inverter based on Cascaded Three – phase converter Blocks IEEE 2015 *P.E
  1. Advanced Control Scheme for an IPM Synchronous Generator-Based Gearless Variable Speed Wind Turbine – IEEE 2014 * P.E.D, C.S, R.E, P.S
  1. Control scheme for a stand-alone wind energy conversion system – IEEE 2014 * E.D, C.S, R.E, P.S
  1. An Effective Control Method for Quasi-Z-Source Cascade Multilevel Inverter-Based Grid-Tie Single-Phase Photovoltaic Power System – IEEE 2014 * P.E, R.E
  1. Voltage Source Converter Topology for High-Power Applications Serializing Three-Phase Converters and H-Bridges – IEEE 2014 *E
  1. Topology and Modulation for a New Multilevel Diode-Clamped Matrix Converter – IEEE 2014 * E
  1. New Three-Phase Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Number of Power Electronic Components – IEEE 2014 *E
  1. Solar PV and Battery Storage Integration using a New Configuration of a Three-Level NPC Inverter With Advanced Control Strategy – IEEE 2014 *E,P.S,R.E,C.S
  1. An adjustable-speed PFC bridgeless Buck-Boost – IEEE 2014 * P.E
  1. A single-phase voltage controlled grid-connected photo voltaic system with power quality conditioner functionality – IEEE 2014 *E,R.E,P.S
  1. High frequency AC-Link PV Inverter – IEEE 2014 *E,P.S
  1. Pulse width modulation of Z-source inverters with minimum inductor current ripple – IEEE 2014 *E
  1. Zero voltage switching Technique for Bidirectional DC/DC converters – IEEE 2014 *E
  1. Improved Active Power Filter Performance for Renewable Power Generation Systems– IEEE 2013*P.S,R.E
  1. A Novel DC voltage control for STATCOM by using H-Bridge multilevel converter – IEEE 2013 *P.S
  1. Voltage unbalanced compensation using dynamic voltage restorerbased on super capacitor – ELSEVIER 2013 *P.S
  1. Dual Buck half bridge Voltage Balancer – IEEE 2014 *P.E
  1. Modeling and Simulation of a Distribution STATCOM (D-STATCOM) for Power Quality Problems-Voltage Sag and Swell Based on Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) –IEEE *P.S
  1. Modeling and analysis of canal type small hydro power plant and performance enhancement using PID controller– ISOR *P.S
  1. Flexible Power Electronic Transformer – IEEE *P.E,P.S
  1. Generalized UPQC system with an improved Control Method under Distorted and Unbalanced Load Conditions. – IEEE *P.S
  1. Control of grid interfacing inverters with integrated voltage unbalance correction*P.E,P.S,C.S
  1. A Modified Three-phase Four Wire UPQC Topology with Reduced DC-link Voltage Rating-IEEE *P.S,C.S
  1. A three-phase interleaved dc–dc converter with active clamp for fuel cells IEEE*P.E,P.S
  1. An Improved UPFC Control for Oscillation Damping * P.E
  1. Direct Power and Torque Control for Three-level NPC Based PWM ac/dc/ac Converter IEEE * P.E,P.S.C.S
  1. Design of a hybrid pid plus fuzzy controller for speed control of induction Motors IEEE*P.E,P.S,C.S
  1. Switching losses and harmonic investigations in multilevel inverters IETE*P.E
  1. Fuzzy logic based control of variable speed induction machine wind generation system IEEE*P.E,R.E,P.S
  1. Voltage flicker compensation using STATCOM – IEEE* P.E
  1. Modeling and Real-Time Simulation of Non-Grid- Connected Wind Energy Conversion System IEEE*P.E,P.S,R.E,C.S
  1. Enhancement of power quality in distribution system using D-STATCOM IEEE* P.S
  1. An Improved UPFC Control for Oscillation Damping IEEE* P.S
  1. A Single-Phase Voltage-Controlled Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System With Power Quality Conditioner Functionality IEEE* P.E,P.S,R.E,C.S
  1. An Integrated Hybrid Power Supply for Distributed Generation Applications Fed by Nonconventional Energy Sources IEEE* P.E,P.S,R.E
  1. Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Hybrid Power Systems Based on Renewable Energy IEEE* P.E,P.S,R.E,C.S
  1. Novel direct torque control based on space vector modulation with adaptive stator flux observer for induction motors IEEE* P.E,P.S,P.E.D,C.S
  1. Harmonic elimination in single phase systems by means of a hybrid series active filter (hsaf) IEEE* P.E,P.S
  1. An efficient ac–dc step-up converter for low-voltage energy harvesting IEEE* P.E,P.S
  1. Design of a hybrid pid plus fuzzy controller for speed control of induction Motors IEEE* P.E,P.S,P.E.D,C.S
  1. Power-management strategies for a grid-connected pv-fc hybrid system IEEE*P.E,P.S,R.E
  1. A Simplified Space -Vector PWM for Three Level Inverters Applied to Passive and Motor Load IEEE* P.E
  1. Analysis and Control of Buck-Boost Chopper Type AC Voltage Regulator IEEE* P.E
  1. Double Frequency Buck converter IEEE* P.E
  1. Modeling of FACTS Devices Based on SPWM VSCs IEEE* P.S
  1. A 28-pulse ac-dc converter based smps for telecom power supply (be press) IEEE* P.E,P.S
  1. A high performance induction motor drive system using fuzzy logic Controller IEEE*P.E,P.S,C.S
  1. An inrush mitigation technique of load transformers for the series voltage sag compensator IEEE*P.E,P.S
  1. Control scheme of cascaded h-bridge STATCOM using zero-sequence voltage and negative-sequence current IEEE* P.E,P.S
  1. High-efficiency voltage regulator for rural networks IEEE* P.E,P.S
  1. Implementation and control of an hybrid multilevel converter with floating dc-links for current waveform improvement IEEE* P.E
  1. Instantaneous power control of D-STATCOM with consideration of power factor correction IEEE* P.E,P.S

Note : Any Simulation Design implementation is done here in recent electrical trends 

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  1. speed control of BLDC motor by svpwm inverter fed using PI controller or other controller (hardware and MATLAB simulink)

  2. i want some project based on hard ware using thermister and thermocouple (labview and matlab simulation )

  3. Can u please provide with the source codes /simulink model for any of these topics:
    1.Harmonic elimination in single phase systems by means of a hybrid series active filter (hsaf) IEEE* P.E,P.S
    2. A high performance induction motor drive system using fuzzy logic Controller IEEE*P.E,P.S,C.S

  4. I want simulation code for modulated particle swarm Optimization for economic emission dispatch…..Please help me

  5. I want PROJECT ‘A Modified Three-phase Four Wire UPQC Topology with Reduced DC-link Voltage Rating-IEEE *P.S,C.S’ ,please contact me

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