Matlab Simulation Projects

Our Matlab simulation can support two forms of data source- data that are produced randomly and the image file. In case of random data it is the best option to check the impact of the channel on the performance of the BER as well as the constellation of the signal. Moreover, image file gives us an impression as well as a comparison of various other channels.

The pilot data is inserted into the head of the source data after the production and it is used to know the shift of the channel that is fading away. It enables to train the decision thus helps in adjusting the signal that is received with a recover phase. Any percentage of the data length of the pilot data can be set by the users to the total length of the data. This means the source data in addition to the pilot data is used in our proposed model. According to our study we set the stimulation of the pilot data to 8% of the entire length of the data. 

The user can use whether he wants to use the stimulation or the gray coding. If he prefers the gray coding the mapped data from the binary to the complex along with the datum represent a single point in the diagram of the constellation. The phase shifting key is used in our model to modulate the source of data and the an arbitrary Mary PSK.

We also test the QPSK modulation in our simulation. Three different channels are simulated in our simulation AWGN channel, and Rayleigh frequency selective slow fading channel and Rayleigh flat slow fading channel. AWGN channel is straight forward channel and just by adding a Gaussian noise into the network can meet the SNR specified. Flat fading and selective frequency channels by the Clarke and Gans fading model is used in the simulation.

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