Education Institution Registration Java Project

This Education Institution Registration Java Project is developed for Online Municipality Department Services for Educational Institutions. Educational Institutions are for learning to dynamic educational and cultural centers of the society. Educational Institution Registration ensures that the infrastructural facilities provided in Institution & to acquire quality value-based education. The main objective of a sanitation system of an Education Institution is to protect and promote human health by providing a clean environment and breaking the cycle of disease. Sanitation in Educational Institutions includes Classrooms, Toilets, Furniture and Environment conditions.


The need for registration and Sanitation for Educational Institutions is of utmost importance. Although the Government is providing services, the task of applying to these services through online is cannot be achieved efficiently, still the process faces a number of problems. It was anticipated that with a computerized system in place, it would result into effectiveness and efficiency in the processing of results and certificates and registration. The causes of such problems remain uncertain.


  • At present, when anyone want to get a Educational Institution Registration application, they need to go Municipal office or nearby Meesava for collecting application form and they need to fill the application form and submit the required documents to nearby Meesava or officer at the Municipal office.
  • In the existing system, for the building of sanitation in the New Education Institutions and for the sanitation in the Education Institution renewal we require a certificate from DOH (department of health). DOH provides an application entitled that “Application for Sanitation”.


  • In this Application we like to provide the User to fill the Application form or certificate renewal form through online. We can apply for these documents through online. We can collect sanitary certificate and renewal of sanitary certificate, registration of educational institution through online.
  • Users can check the status of application through a unique id.
  • If the details and documents are valid, the admin issues certificate and stores the application and documents otherwise cancels it by providing a reason.
  • By using this system time consumption will be reduced.


  • Goal or aim of our project is to automate the Municipality department services.
  • To provide user friendly environment.
  • Registering the users
  • Providing login for every user
  • Providing security by login
  • Rendering the required operations


In our project, we have two modules

  1. Admin module
  2. User module

1. Admin Module:

This module deals with the issue of certificates to the users. It receives the application forms submitted by users and verifies if the details and documents provided by users are valid or not. If the details which are submitted are valid, then the admin issues certificate and stores the application and documents, otherwise cancels it by providing a reason. Briefly saying, Admin module will do verification of documents and issue/rejection of certificates.

In Admin module, the tasks/services that present are:

  • Application services
  • Data Services
  • Data validation

2. User Module:-

.     This module describes the registered users to apply for certificates. The user can apply for a certificate by providing required details and uploading the documents. While applying for the services, the user has to fill the details like Name of the Institution, Location, Mandal, District, Infrastructure details etc. Another action performed by user is receiving certificates issued by admin.

In User module, Presentation services are provided.

Sequence Diagram For Registration
Sequence Diagram For Registration


Making our application online and providing this application available to each and every user is the methodology or problem solving approach of our project. Then the user can access the services from anywhere without waiting in a queue which saves time. One of the factors which affect the development of a new system is the cost it would require. Since the system is developed as a part of our project, there is no manual cost to be spent for the proposed system.


Our application will be operating in Ubuntu environment. Online Municipality Department Services is a website and shall operate in famous browsers, for a model we are taking Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The hardware configuration includes Hard Disk: 500GB, RAM and Processor. The basic input devices required are mouse, keyboard and output devices is monitor.

ER Diagram
ER Diagram

 Software Requirements:

Programming Language                      : Java

Web Designing                                   : HTML, CSS

Database                                             : PostgreSQL

Server                                                  : Apache Tomcat Server

Operating System                               : Ubuntu

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