E Monitoring For Women Asp.Net Project Abstract

Introduction to e monitoring systems:

Due to rapid advancement in e technology various monitoring systems are developed for performing various activities. The monitoring systems are mainly used in industries for controlling of equipment and also used in house hold purposes and in offices for controlling the appliances. In this paper a e monitoring system is developed for women which can be as a guide for their personal growth. In this paper we will see how e monitoring system is designed and what are the functional requirements for designing this and the functions monitored by this system.

Brief on working and design:

To make the design we need certain functional requirements like collecting the successful stories of the women across the world which and project them so that they can motivate other girls. Here the e monitoring system id fed with the information of the women belonging to a region and when they login into the system it give them required information and suggestions. It monitors the progress of each girl or women and based on that it suggests them for higher studies by showing the required universities.

Here the application is developed C# .net and it also acts as an interface for internet and the databases are monitored by SQL server. Here the application is designed which can make the analysis and based on that it provides the information. The designed application can run on normal Intel pentium processor and requires 20GB of hard disk and 512mb and RAM. The designed application can run on any platform like windows XP, vista etc.

Advantages of e monitoring system for women:

By using this e monitoring system the women may not rely on any one for any information. It helps in their career growth by giving required suggestions and it shows the required universities for studying and explains the process of applying. Thus we can conclude that this kind of e monitoring systems help the girls or women a lot.

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