Discussion Forum Asp.Net Project Source Code

Discussion forum web portal project is implemented in asp.net platform. The Internet is the place where users can communicate with each other form different countries and share ideas and find solutions for problems. 

In present scenario forum websites is one of the most visited sites where users can create a thread on interesting topics and post questions and comment for answers in threads.

This concept of forum discussions is mostly used for education, finance and money earning from the internet..etc.

Users need to register with the application and then create threads and post comments on threads. Based on the importance of comments status and importance are given to users.

Here you can download entire project source code and step by step procedure for executing the project.

discussion forum asp.net project source code and project abstract.

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  1. I want to create a blog (Discussion Board) thats can make post, comment publicly but ADMIN can do all the things who they want.

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