Digital Sound Recorder With AVR and Data Flash

Digital Sound Recorder With AVR and Data Flash project explains about new application which will store audio files, play audio files using micro controller using analog to digital converter. This application uses flash memory to store data.

This system will explain in detail about how analog and digital converter is used for sound recording, Pulse width modulation is used for audio play back. SPI is used for accessing flash memory. Other applications that would require are temperature loggers, mobile answering machines and digital voice records.

Flash memory used in this application works at 2.7 volts which is a SI flash memory. Data flash memory is a 16 bit memory. This application works with two data flash memory. Data is written continuously to data flash memory. 


• Digital Voice Recorder

• 8-bit Sound Recording

• 8 kHz Sampling Rate

• Sound Frequency up to 4000 Hz

• Maximum Recording Time 4 1/4 Minutes

• Very Small Board Size

• Less than 700 Bytes of Code

download Digital Sound Recorder With AVR and Data Flash.

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