Development of Visitor Management System Java & MySQL Project

VMS also known as Visitor Management System is an interactive project which after considers the real-life examples of an institute dealing with daily visitors. It is designed from scratch using JAVA and Python and using a server-side language MySQL which is connected to the developer language JAVA using a JDBC connector.

The entire work of the Visitor Management System Java & MySQL Project is done on a local host which consists of the application using JAVA and Python involving the use of APACHE TOMCAT server and MySQL. The server side contains all the implementation related to setting up of database using MySQL, creating session models for joining different pages, and other transactions to be performed. It is responsible for picking up information from the database and displaying it on the client side which comprises a basic user interface built-in JavaFX as the software GUI.


In this fast-paced world, where everyone is squeezed for time, it is very difficult for an institute with a large number of students and instructors to manage and have a smooth-going and organized way of entertaining visitors. Logistically, the visitor management system allows the security system of the institute to conventionally check and enroll each visitor efficiently inside the premises without the hassle of identity clashes and any other inconvenience.
It is therefore the task of institute administrators to optimally design a visitor management system where the security department could save time. 


The motivation for designing this visitor management system is the keen observation of day-to-day problems faced by the security department, as the lack of info and medium among the teachers, students, and the administration of the institute such that there is difficulty in the efficient process of teaching and studying by the teachers and students respectively. Moreover, we value the recent learning about the programming languages as well as seeing how powerful and dynamic they are when it comes to designing system and database-based projects. The languages used to develop the project are extremely useful while working with the technologies at a workplace.

Aim Of The Project

This Visitor Management System Java & MySQL Project is designed to help students understand software design using programming languages from their basic capabilities to have a real industry-based client and service provider environment. This application helps the student to understand the basics of appearance and how a complete working application can be built from scratch. It also allows students to understand the concept of GUI-based applications and use it to embed MySQL and other programming languages. Further, it gives insight into how the client-side language interacts with the server-side language and finally with the database. This application is a server-based app so it involves the use of a particular institute server (in this case our localhost machines). The visitor management application is very versatile and can be enhanced by adding more functions and modified graphics for the use of the institute’s security department.

Project Perspective

The visitor management application is a web-based system.

User Interface & Characteristics

The two types of interface found in the visitor management system are as follows :

• User Interface: Officials of the security department can view the home page of the visitor management system. The officials can carry out a transaction based on deciding whether the visitor is a –
• New User
• Old User
The official also has options for “Checkout” and “Detail updating” of visitors adding to it he/she can also check the “Users not checked out”.

• Admin Interface: Along with other features the admin has superuser rights to –
• Report viewing
• Log viewing
• Entering the details of new cards

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