Project: Detect letters “S”, “T”, “U” and colour them red

Domain: Analysis for Mobile Computing Project

Steps of the project:

  • implementation of a web‐based application using the Java programming language.
  • Initially, the application allows the uploading of an image file(jpeg) toexecution environment
  • Later it executes a transformation by applying template matching algorithm
  • The result of the transformation is then downloadable from the provided web site.

MobCom_Example_Image_Letters_1 (1)Main task:

  • Implement a web‐based Java application. Generate a Web Application Archive (.war file) and upload it to the execution environment (will be provided by university).
  • As execution environment use Apache Tomcat v. 8.0.26; Java SE v. 8u60 64 bit on a Linux system.
  • Main functionality of application (included in .war file):
  • Provide a webpage for uploading files (image files) to execution environment
  • Provide a Servlet for processing the individual task
  • The result of the individual task must be displayed in the provided webpage
  • General workflow of your application: Upload file to server, process the application logic to solve the task and return the result (image file) to the requesting browser (see illustration below)

Analysis for Mobile Computing Project

Just for idea sake:

To access your application use following structure:

http://<server ip>:8080/<group ID>/<application name>

General Specification:
For imaging tasks use jpeg as image format, picture size 640×480 pixel


  • For documentation of the project use Javadoc functionalities inside source code.
  • Generate HTML representation of the documentation and provide it inside the .war file you will upload to the demonstration system.
  • The documentation must describe application logic (i.e. functionality, classes, methods, attributes) and a manual to use the application in detail.


  • Use no other libraries than provided by Java SE (i.e. no additional libraries for image processing permitted).