Three-tier Architecture Java Projects in Java

Find the below Four Java projects implemented by using Three-tier Architecture:

1) Hotel Reservation System

Description: A User will able to book a hotel for any number of days he/she likes to stay.

He/She can see all the bookings done by them.

2) E Applicant System

A student will be able to request any kind of Certificate like Transfer and Bonafied etc by applying through this System.

The student can check the status through his/her account.

There are many users like Internal Staff, Vice Principal and Principal to verify and approve the request.

3) Hospital Management System

Patient can request the hospital for a Doctor Appointment on a particular day.

Admin can see the requests and available and suitable doctors and can fix an appointment between the two.

4) Multiplex Theatre/Show Management System

Admin can manage the shows in the available Theaters in a multiplex.

For all the project, we are going to use same technology Stack.

Software Requirements:

Front end: HTML, JS and CSS

Server side: Spring and Hibernate

Database: MySQL (It can replaced with any RDBMS DW with ORM like hibernate in future)

Build Tool: Maven

We follow Three tier Architecture for all the above Java projects:

  • Presentation Layer
  • Business Layer
  • Data Access Layer

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  1. Hallo I’m a software engineering student and currently I’m trying to learn the core basics of a 3tier Architecture in Java, after searching and searching on the net I still haven’t found a clear example of a A to Z project using this kind of Architecture in Java.

    Would be possible to share this hotel Management System source code so I can learn from it?
    I appreciate and would be much gratefull if you can reply me .

    Thank you very much

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