Destructive and non destructive testing Mechanical Seminar Topic

Introduction to Destructive and non destructive testing seminar Topic:

Destructive and Non destructive test mechanical seminar topic explains about a method to inspect the object without harming it. This is a new technique in which a efficient method is used to find out different properties of the object and characteristics of the object .  Key uses of non destructive testing are we can test objects properties with out changing its characteristics. Using this method there will be no effect on object even after testing and compare to other methods accuracy is more.NDT can test faults deep inside the object .Potential low cost On line testing.

There are number of methods using NDT. Such as magnetic testing, x-ray , acoustic emission , ultrasonic testing, tap testing, replication, liquid penetrate . Visual inspection is the basic and most common method in NDT.  Fiberscopes bore scopes, magnifying glasses and mirrors are the main tools used in this method.

Inspection of raw products, Inspection following secondary processing.  In-service Damage inspection is the general applications which can be tested by NDT. The other major applications are power plant inspection, aircraft inspection, Rail inspection. Importance of Non Destructive test is increasing.  Every manufacturing industry are implementing this technology for inspecting their products.

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