News Paper Management System Abstract

Project Title: News Paper Management System Abstract

Technology: ASP.Net.

Database Server: SQL Server 2005.

Tools: Visual Studio.Net, IIS Server.

Contribution: Database designing using SQL, Involved in ASP.Net coding,JavaScript coding

Project Description: News Paper Management System Project is developed by ASP.Net & SQL Server 2005 under Microsoft Visual Studio & IIS Server. By Using this project admin can post news updates every day to the server and users can see the news posts, This can be also available For the people who can also read the news in their mother tongue like Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English, etc.  

Developer Roles & Responsibilities:

  • ·Involved in Designing of front end and back end applications.
  • ·Involved in ASP.NET coding.

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  1. please send me news paper agency management system project source code and documentation for using java

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