Customer Operated Enquiry Terminal Final Year EEE Seminar Project

Customer Operated Enquiry Terminal Final Year EEE Seminar Project: The system is a user friendly so the operation on the system by the costumers should be limited. The system displays a message as “Search” to the costumer and the costumer should enter the name of the product then the system displays the details of particular match.

16×2 Line Chiftacter Intelligent LCD has 16 characters per line interfaced into the programmable peripheral interface. These displays contain a liquid crystal display panel and an in built controller. The various specifications available in the market are 16×1 line, 20×2 lines, and 20×4 lines.

The LCD display micro controller has two internal byte registers; one is for commands and second is for the characters to display. The address of registers is selected by control pin ‘RS’ (pin 4) and this pin select the register for the characters.

The ASCII character is displayed by ASCII data for the character to the data lines and should be at high level and must be toggled to low during the character write operation. The IBM keyboard is a cheap keyboard on a Micro controller development system.

The keyboard sends data to the host and host accepts data and then the keyboard prepares to accept the command from the host. Keyboard transmits the data in the forward direction.

The board is designed with a personal computer and layout is drawn with software. Using a laser printer, the layout is printed in a butler sheet. Using the screen print procedure, the layout is transferred to the copper clad sheet. The screen printing ink is pored on the screen and brushed on the top of the screen.


The conclusion made on the device that is the micro-controller which is the master device to control the entire devices. It performs arithmetic and logical operations but cannot store any data permanently so it needs another device to store the data and soft ware.

Download Customer Operated Enquiry Terminal Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report.

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