CSE Seminar on Adding Intelligence to Internet

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Adding Intelligence to Internet:

If there is one medium we can’t live without in today’s world, it’s certainly the internet. It has affected our lives so much so that we would struggle now in a world without internet.  The biggest problem we all face in internet is the hanging of websites due to unprecedented web traffic.  If we take internet as whole, the speed with which we can browse here in India is not the same one as we get in USA or UK.

The bandwidth we use and a person in America use is totally different and as a result the one with lower bandwidth has to suffer a lot while accessing a website. The proposed system finds a solution to the above problem with the aide of geosynchronous satellites and this leads to a totally new type of internet access.

In some parts of the world, the bandwidth available would be inadequate and the local networks there would be unable to provide a good terrestrial network. This new internet access system with the help of these satellites manages the link end points effectively by providing intelligent controls. The whole process keeps track of the user’s location and bandwidth and adjusts the internet access accordingly. The resources are used effectively and wisely according to the level of the end user.

Various processes include:

  • Monitoring the behavior of end user
  • Caching of the memory
  • The push channels are constructed dynamically
  • Multicast is used
  • Satellite bandwidth are scheduled accordingly 

A fleet of such satellites are used to monitor the resources daily; this will help to get a wider perspective than a single satellite being used. The proper decisions are made with pin point scheduling and multicast is also created dynamically to protect more bandwidth being used. The documents are cached at link end points and the demands of the user are met. 

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