Multimedia Streaming Technology in 4G Mobile Communication Systems PPT

Introduction to Multimedia Streaming Technology in 4G Mobile Communication Systems:

The paper is about 4G technology implementation. The evolution of various mobile devices which includes the PCs, PDA, the mobile phones and also fast mobile network has increased the complexity in the mobile applications and services which are provided to the end-users. 

The implementation of the systems, which include Analog Cellular called as “1G”, Digital cellular called as “2G” are complex, and can be divided into three components which includes handsets which are radio-equipped, also the cell sites of handsets for transmitting to/from and also includes the fabric of communications. For making the systems to work the companies have given a set of standards that allow makers to operate such that the users can use the phones.  The standards are given by the vendor community and these are analyzed by various parts of the system. 

When we compare 4G technologies to others, they are capable of providing the higher data-transmission which speeds 20 Mbps which is greater than that of the 3G for wide and also the local area coverage. They are capable of providing the quality content for the mobile market. And even provides various value-added applications which are given by the network which combines streaming services with the unique mobile services such as the multimedia content 

The 4G technology is capable for overcoming all the challenges related to multimedia. It provides high data transmission rate when compared to that of other technologies. Provides various services and also applications that various consumers are responsible for buying the new phones, and trying the new services and also willing to making payment for the services over a period of time.

Download  Multimedia Streaming Technology in 4G Mobile Communication Systems PPT.

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