CSE Mini Project Report and Code on Avail Doctors


In the hustle and bustle of the city, where people can’t afford to spare time for many quite a many issues, health factor is constantly being ignored or unidentified. This ignorance , however is building on leading to severe and major problems affecting the health of an individual. CSE Mini Project on AVAIL DOCTORS system of contacting a doctor and making an appointment is only possible if we personally are aware of the doctor or we walk into a nearby clinic or hospital.

 The only means of approaching a doctor is through other people, based on references. This causes hindrance to the people who are new to the city. People who are not aware of the medical field might look for alternate immediate means instead of looking for a particular doctor in the right specialization.

 Time Consumption – Making Simpler 

The process of identifying, the required doctor close to your vicinity is a time taking process. A few thousands of rupees  and long waiting hours probably will finally result in identifying a suitable doctor. The plausible solution for this is a search engine with database of all the doctors.

The website availdoctors.com consists of service availability on the Internet. It provides easiest way for all the doctors, patients and others to get all the information needed as quick as possible that too from anywhere in the world. The persons new to particular city can get all the information regarding all the different hospitals, doctors in any hospital data, their available timings data can be accessed in minutes. 


The primary objective of the site is to enable people to make an appointment with any particular doctor on any given day of the week. The patient can fix an appointment in any city without moving to any place. This site also contains the administration module, which deals with inserting and deleting the information into site and modifying and updating in time. 


The main purpose of going to design and develop this project is to get above mentioned benefits as well as the truth that Internet supports any type of service or business process where in communication between the patients and users. Doctor website designers are vital. This system providing the most up-to-date services database and providing link directly to a business from their individual listings. All you have to do is register.

download Project Report of CSE Mini Project Report and Code on Avail Doctors. 

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