Course Recommendation through Online (CRO) Android App


  • Through this application, we can choose our desired course from anywhere and anytime around the globe.
  • In order to use this application, initially user need to register to this application and later give their opinion about their subjects.
  • This project proposes feasible predictions for student’s course selection based on choice.
  • By choosing the course through online it gives the complete information about how many students are interested in a subject and it gives an idea about the total ratio of students interest in that particular subject.
  • The module is a computer-assisted program for career decision making on the based on their interest.


  • Nowadays, there are many open course learning systems available in the universities which would interest the students.
  • Course Recommendation enables the system to better help the students and their learning process.
  • A recommendation system is a piece of software that helps users to identify the most interesting and relevant learning items from a large number of items.

Existing System:

  • One of the main problems faced by students is to create and manage the semester course plan.
  • We see that the students are not given the correct choice of course for their semester.

Proposed System

  • Course Recommendation enables the system to better help the students in their learning process.
  • This system emulates the traditional E-learning system study environment with more preference given to the individuals and their opinions.
  • The main functions of recommendation systems include analyzing user data and extracting useful information for further predictions.
  • The user enters their choice considering their skill on a range of areas or domains and then will be recommended which course to take for the semester.
  • The information is shown statistically i.e., in the form of graphs and pie charts.

Software Requirements

Programming Languages and Environment

  • Android Studio
  • Eclipse
  • MySQL

Architecture Diagram:


  • Students information fetching module.
  • Course selection module.
  • Results calculating module.

UML Diagrams


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  1. Please sir can you provide the code of this app i urgently want this tomorrow i have to submit in college

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